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target reachability linear rail

I've implemented a linear rail in my station and synchronized it with the UR10e in RoboDK. I made it part of the robot kinematics, indeed now the Robot happens to have 7 joints.
The problem is that when I create a new target (be it cartesian or joints) it seems to store the rail position. That being said, I need the program to find the right positioning for the rail on its own.
So my question is: if I create a target somewhere in space (without bringing the UR10e there first and maybe somewhere unreachable for the robot unless the rail is moved), is there a way to have RoboDK find out that if they move the rail, the target is in reach?
Thank you
RoboDK will always give preference to the predefined joint configuration when reaching a target. If the target is not reachable with the configuration specified, it will solve for an alternative.
You can see this is you move the target in the 3D space.

What linear rail are you using?
Keep in mind that UR robots do not support linear axes synchronization the way that some other robots do and you may need a specific URCap for this.
Hi Alex, thank you
Yes, I'm aware of the URCap. I'm using a 1 linear axis obj model

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