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trying to create target but keeps saying target is undefined


I have a path projected on a part and I am trying to add a target in the script at the end of the path as a retract. I have been trying to add a target, but it seems like no matter what reference frame I put it in, it doesn't want to go to the target or it goes somewhere else that I didn't intend the target to be at. When I run the script it says that the target is undefined. I'm not sure what the issue is here.

I have attached a station along with a screenshot of where the target should be located.

Also, it seems to work only if I choose the "keep joint values" in the target options

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.rdk   MRO_Prop_sand_test_v4.rdk (Size: 8.32 MB / Downloads: 210)
In your program A you are using the Grit Cart v0 coordinate system, however, you placed the retract target attached to the UR10e Base. A Joint target will always work because joint targets do not depend on the coordinate system or the tool (TCP), on the other hand, if you move your coordinate system you may want the retract target to follow (therefore, having a Cartesian target is a good option).

You can accomplish this movement using a Cartesian target in different ways:
  1. You can teach your target retract with respect to the same coordinate system you are using in your program A.
  2. You can change the coordinate system at the end of your program A before you move to the target retract.
  3. You can create a Retract program and specify the tool and coordinate system there. Then, you can create a main program that calls your 2 programs sequentially.
I recommend you to use the 3rd option as it is cleaner and easier to read because this is an additional modification added to your curve follow project. You could also generate separate valid programs so you can run to the approach/retract on your controller without scrolling through your main program while debugging your program.


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.rdk   MRO_Prop_sand_test_v5.rdk (Size: 8.32 MB / Downloads: 198)

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