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unable to reach to drop the object within the Robot workspace

  I was trying to place the box on the  Right Rack/shelf. Right side,if i am seeing from the table, not from the conveyor.
 If you see the attachment, in a station there is a folder called Robot World and a subfolder called "Environmental_objects" and it has 2 frames Left_Frame and Right_Frame...My concern for Right. I have created the targets on a Rack to drop the box, the Robot is moving perfectly towards the Right rack  then suddenly it makes some weird movements and even not approaching the targets which has on a Rack.

I tried changing the positions of the targets, some times it says not reachable even if it is in the robot workspace.

please find the attachment and try to guide me.

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.rdk   1_Meter-Station_With_Objects_Only.rdk (Size: 6.64 MB / Downloads: 232)
If i want to say it in simple words. when i create a Reference Frame with an object and Targets in it. The robot goes to the target of that reference frame to pick up or drop the box on an object. When i do so, i am getting an error as not reachable even though i am in a workspace of a robot or it makes some weird movements and not reaching to that target but instead moves somewhere else.
When you are moving to a target that is in another referential, you need to change the referential set in the program. Else it will try to reach the target relative to the wrong frame. 

In your case, you need a "Set Ref.: Right_Frame" before the "MoveJ(Target 1)".

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