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"2 rotative axes" configuration.

Trying to figure out what is a2 & a2 in "Build/modify mechanisms or robots" page when we configure "2 rotative axes" ?

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The first A2 refer to the orientation of the FbHb frame while the second A2 refer to the translation distance between Fb and FbHb. Both are relative to the the X-axis vector.

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I have a weird robotic arm. I am not sure if it is industrial robot or collaborative robot. 

I have the arm links designed and know which two links join and their rotations.

Is there a way I can define a custom robot mechanism other than the one already provided?

I am thinking along the lines of if you see in this video how the robot parts are separate and with "joint" command of Fusion 360 the pieces are put together.". Then the angles are varied to move the robot.

I don't know a way in Fusion 360 to define start and end point of robotic arm and arm will path plan accordingly. I am still learning RoboDK. I believe RoboDK has the feature that you define start and end point and it can figure out the motion path. That is why i am inclined to explore more in RoboDK. Thank you for understanding and any direction.

I can understand this video of pick and place "". For me to reach here, I need to first create the custom robot model mechanism and hence this request.

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