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3D printing

Hi Guys.
I am trying to perform my 3d printing project. I converted my 3D model to G-code using Ultimaker Cura slicer. Then, I uploaded it in RoboDK and created a machining project. But I cannot move uploaded NC file into the working zone where the robot is located. I tried all the features, read all your documentation, but still cannot solve it. What am I doing wrong? I attached my working station to make it clear. Please, zoom out enough to see the uploaded model, it is far from the robot. Thank you.

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Did you tried slicer ?
You should move the machine coordinate system to be near your part in your slicer software. I believe you've defined your machine with a 10 x 10 meter printable area and the part is centered at XYZ = [5000, 5000, 0] mm. If you move the coordinate system of your NC/Gcode file to [-5000, -5000, 0] mm you can see that the part origin matches your table coordinate system.


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