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3D printing setup with a 7th axis


I am following the tutorial to setup an extruder on a NACHi, but I haven't got very far. I am stilling trying to figure out how to control the stepper motor on the extruder (like is it the robot controller I/O controlling the extrude and retraction, for example). I am still on the hardware stage. Any hints/suggestion will be greatly appreciated because I need to repeat the same thing on a KUKA KR6 R900 later.

Please, any pointers? : )

OK, the real question, as the title suggested: I am interested in adding a linear table as 7th axis so I can build longer pieces. I am not adding a linear rail to the robot (so not moving the robot), but a linear rail for the hot bed (so moving the part). Can this be done??

I must admit that I did read over the RoboDK PDF manuals, but not sure if this can be done. The 7th axis example with wheel hub is really an indexing operation. Yes, I can see this can be an repeating indexing operation. This still feel not right.

Please, any suggestions?

I have some more questions:

1) In the PDF documentation p.20, it looks like it is sending an analogue output. Why is that?

2) *IF* I am correct, the slicer output G Code for coordinate and also the "length" of material to be extrude from steps to steps. On a 3D printer controller, that is translated (using kinematics) to back out the number of steps (and direction) for the stepper to take. So, with RoboDK and a robot controller, how is this happening? (So, let's say you have a stepper motor driver, so you just need to supply steps and direction signal, is the robot controller going to output 2 digital signal, one for direction and one for step? Is that what RoboDK is outputing? Or is the PDF instruction expecting, say, a 3D printer controller + robot controller?)

Feel free to point out any error in my thinking.
Hi Omoikane,

1 - I don't think you can use the bed as a 7th axis. That's not how this feature was built.

2 - These threads might help you better understand how to set your 3D printing setup.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Thanks Jeremy!

Something weird happened to RoboDK. After following the YouTube tutorial (and installed Slic3r in RoboDK directory), when I clicked the Globe icon, it will open up the library in the web browser instead of in RoboDK. I went to Tools -> Options, and reset to default (because I don't know what setting to use), it fixed the problem. But as soon as I call Utilities -> 3D print object, the problem will come back. How do I fix it?

Second problem, why would the Simulate option not available in 3D Print Object: Print3D settings? I cant' preview the moves yet. Double click Print3D settings will simply open the option, but will not play the preview.

I also can't seem to output the program for the specific robot controller. I am hoping to see what the output looks like to interpret what I need to do on the robot controller side.

I attached the file.

Also, in the YouTube tutorial, it was mentioned about a turn table. Can you expend that discussion a bit? Like, how can I use a turn table with 3D printing.

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Hi Omoikane,

Let's tackle a few questions:

1 - That's not a bug. RoboDK has a way to know if a potential problem with the embedded online library will arise. If RDK thinks it's the case, it will automatically open it in a web browser. The content is exactly the same. I personally prefer it that way as it's faster and more stable.

2 - There's a big "Update" button just beside the "Simulate" one, you might want to try it.

3 -

4 -

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel


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