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3D printing with an ABB robotic arm on a curved surface

Hello everyone. Me and other two collegues are working to make an ABB-robot 3D-printing for an University project. It's for a while that we are stuck because we can't understand how to automatically select the different lines in a curved surface. We are using Autodesk inventor add in RoboDK and for our purpose we need to select manually every line and with complicated objects this metod is too long. Do you know if there's a way to make this step automatical?

Thank you.

Hello there,

I am not familiar with the Autodesk inventor Add-on, but I suppose you could hide the lines that you don't want to select and perform a "select all" type of operation to select the remaining lines of interest?

Hi Guys,

I completely understand the struggle.
I faced the same kind of problem in a tutorial I created, the canoe polishing.

I tried to do exactly what JF proposed, but I never found a way to make it work.

Seeing what you guys are trying to do, I would say that you absolutely need a solution.
One thing I would do in your situation is to look at the Inventor API and see how you can create a "Select Next Tangent Curve" and a "Select All Tangent Curve".
You certainly need to be someone that can write a few lines of code to do that.

Keep me posted if you ever find a working option.

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