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ABB MoveAbsJ joints generated instead of Cartesian MoveJ

When "Generating robot program" for an ABB robot, MoveAbsJ moves are being downloaded instead of a Cartesian MoveJ, even when "keep cartesian position" is selected.

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Joint movements are generated as MoveAbsJ by default with all the ABB post processors. 

You can change this behavior by setting the variable MOVEJ_AS_MOVEABSJ to False in the post processor:
You'll find more information about customizing post processors here:
OK great, thank you Albert.
One more question regarding ABB downloads,
Why is ConfJ \On; ConfL \Off; downloaded at the top of the PROC? Is there a way to disable this? I can't see it in the Post Processor.
I have "Resect joint turns for linear movements" selected in the motion settings.


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