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ABB virtual controller connection


I read several information about real robot connection in the forum. But is it possible to make a connection between RoboDK and an ABB virtual controller? 

In my ABB virtual controller PC Interface option is activated and the IP address of the controller is

I have attached pack&go and robodk station to check it. An error message also appears in the abb teach pendant: "Socket error - the specified address is invalid. The only valid addresses are the LAN address of the controller or the service port address,"

here the attachments
I believe you forgot to attach your files.

I never tested connecting to a virtual robot using ABB RobotStudio. Did you try setting the IP to "localhost" or ""?

Or you can also try with a valid IP address on your computer.

I hope the files are correctly attached now. I tryied with localhost and IP and I looked at which port we can connect to robotstudio by netstat in cmd. I am guessing it was port 5354. But roboDK can not connect. Maybe, I am doing something wrong. 

We added RoboDK as an exclusive to allow the program going through the firewall. I can't disable firewall in my company laptop due to company policies. 

You said you never tried to connect robodk to robotstudio. So, the option to connect to the robot ( is only valid for a real robot controller?

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.rdk   test1.rdk (Size: 3.25 MB / Downloads: 257)
.zip (Size: 4.06 MB / Downloads: 237)
We only did it with the real robot, but it doesn't mean it's not possible with Robotstudio, just that we never tried.

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