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Abb controlling real robot

Hi all wondering if any one had issue with controlling the real robot using Robodk
I have no issue connecting but when I change the axis as follows when clicking move joint when connected
axis 1 in Robodk moves axis 2 real robot
axis 6 in Robodk doesn't do anything real robot
axis 5 in Robodk moves axis 6 real robot
axis 4 in robodk moves axis 5 real robot
axis 2 in robodk moves axis 3 real robot
axis 3 in robodk moves axis 4 real robot
Hi Patrick,
Make sure to update RoboDK to the latest version and take the latest version of the drivers (ABB RAPID files/MOD files).
In the header of the MOD file you'll see a small procedure mentioning the driver you should use:
  • If you use the Ethernet/Socket Messaging communication driver (RDK_DriverSocket.MOD which requires ABB's PC interface option) you'll need to use apirobot.
  • If you use the Serial communication driver (RS232 communication, it does not require any special options on the ABB controller) you should use the driver called apiabb.

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