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Actions on a curve follow project

In my project I need to follow a curve and do measurements every 2mm.
I am able to generate points with a specific distance out of a curve, but I am unable to select this points in a points follow project. Is there any function or shortcut to select them?
I also tried to import the curve and enabled the option Program events->On point, without any succes.

Attached you find the project file. Run the program Path1 to see the path.

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.rdk   CurveMeasurement.rdk (Size: 11.03 MB / Downloads: 187)
It is currently not possible to trigger on point program calls for a curve follow project. On the other hand, you could trigger these calls in the post processor when you are withing path start and path end (along the curve). It is also possible to create a custom script that alters an existing program in RoboDK to add the program calls for each point.

You'll find more information about post processor editing here:

And this example shows how you can iterate through program instructions:
Is there an option to select the points from the curve? So i can use point follow project?

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