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Adding 'Pause Instruction' to python code for 'Load CSV file'

Hi all,

I am using the example python code provided by RoboDK 'Load CSV file' to create a series of points the robot is to go to. After each of these points I would like to add in a Pause Instruction for, say, 3.5 seconds. I am using a UR10 robot. When I extract the program when I add this feature in the software after I import the python code, the program code for this is 'sleep(3.500)'. Would anyone know if I can add this instruction in automatically after each xyz position in the python code? And if so, would you be able to advise me on this?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Lauren,

Yes, you can add a pause in your program with something like this:

program.MoveL(target) # move to a target
program.Pause(time_ms)  # add a pause (units in milliseconds)

More information and examples here:

The AddProgram description has a more complete example.

Hi Albert,

This works perfectly, thank you. I had not came across the robolink Module help page/document before, thanks for the link!



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