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Alternative Robot Configurations Not Showing for FANUC CRX 10iA/L

I am trying to test different configurations of the arm to fit into the work cell, but when I pull up the configuration menu, there is only one configuration available to choose from. It shows as only having 1/1 configurations available and if I choose another configuration, the arm disappears. (See Attached Images) It is not a singularity issue because I am unable to use any config except id.1 regardless of pose. 
Any Ideas what is causing this? Fairly new to roboDK, so I suspect it is something simple.

Thank you in advance!
Unfortunately we don't support multiple configurations for the Fanuc CRX robots.

One workaround would be to copy the pose of your target, move the robot joints to a different configuration, then, paste the pose to recalculate the joints with the same pose you previously had.

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