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Arduino with RoboDK?


 I have problems with my robotic arm, it uses Arduino Uno and drivers. I am trying to connect arduino and RoboDK software but I don't know how and what I need to run it using RoboDK Software. All information will be helpful. 

There isn't an official RoboDK post processor for Arduino. The closest you may find is the post processor for AR robots which can be loaded by ARCS software which then streams the data to an Arduino.

You should customize your post processor to generate data that your arduino can read (via a customized serial protocol or similar).

I recommend you to take a look at the following document and learn more about how to customize your post processors:
Hello Albert. I would like to know if there are any plans on developing an Arduino Post Processor for Robo DK in the near future.
Also, which is the post processor for AR Robots? I cannot find it
Thank you very much.
The post-pro in RobotDK create a file with lines of command that tell the robot where to move and what to do, everything else is done on the robot controller side.

This mean making a post-pro for a Arduino is not simple. It would require a lot of work and I do not think the ATmega32 of the Arduino is fast enough to run a reverse kinematic smoothly. This part is usually done by a computer inside the robot controller.

However, I heard that the AR robot will have a version compatible with RoboDK soon, but it is still in development.

Oliver means the Annin AR3 robot. It is in there. The ar3 uses a tinsy3.1 micro controller piggybacked with an Arduino mega. that project is open source by Chris Annin the developer. I personally have an AR3 and it's not a precision machine by any means. I know people currently used his "software" and modify the kinematics for their robots, but that is labor-intensive.

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