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Automated path to tool offset from CAD to RoboDK

Hello all,

I've imported a bunch of objects from Grasshopper to do the following three things with a robotic arm: pick, glue side(s)s of, place tiles.

Now, I've already set my RoboDK (and Grasshopper) in such a way that it automatically creates the correct settings and programs. Except for one thing.

The tiles need to be held (remote tcp) in such a way that the correct side is glued (each tile can be considered unique). However, it's a lot of work to manually insert the 'Path to tool offset'. It is quite a number of tiles.

Is it possible to provide a list of offsets to RoboDK for it to automatically have the correct offset in the settings?

Thank you in advance.

And since I'm already here :) Is there a way to have just one 'pick', 'glue' and 'place' program? So, it iterates through all the objects (either points or curves), like 'glue1' and 'glue2', but uses the same program 'glue' with each their own offset?

My apologies if I've done something wrong with starting this thread.

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I never played with Grasshopper, but could that help:

I don't understand your second question, can you elaborate a bit more.

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