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Base and tool problems

When I load a program previously simulated to the real robot I have problems that do not appear in the simulation, the robot's wrist rotates and if it continues to collide against the table, I think it is a problem with the base number and tool, how can I define the number of both in the simulation?

I modified the base and tool manually in the generated code, but the actual position of the robot is not the same as the simulated one
tool 1 & base 17

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.rdk   Estacion CIRT dimensionada 1.rdk (Size: 704.08 KB / Downloads: 367)
I believe this issue is related with the way you setup your reference frame (BASE).

Did you define the root point of the turntable in your controller?
There are different ways to tell the controller you are using an offset of the turntable. 

For example, if you have properly setup the turntable in your controller and you have an offset of 740 mm along the Z axis (the turning axis), you should be able to use the following base definition:

$BASE = {FRAME: X 0.000,Y 0.000,Z 740.000,A 0.000,B 0.000,C 0.000}

How can I define the root point of the table? I am working with a frame located on the table surface as a reference for all the works, is that ok?

PHP Code:
$BASE EK (MACHINE_DEF[2].ROOTMACHINE_DEF[2].MECH_TYPE, { -2.000,Y 3.000,Z 740.000,A 0.000,B 0.000,C 0.000 })
$TOOL = {X 66.464,-1.704,Z 333.234,A 0.000,B 58.205,C 0.000}

I get the following definition of the base, where I don't know what "DEF [2]" means

I think that one of the problems I have when running the simulation in the robot is the orientation of the axes between the real and the simulated robot, the robot takes as tool number 0 and base 0, in the previous programs the robot works with a established number and base, in some cases tool 1 base 17

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