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Blend with radius function

ive been working with UR10 robot for the past year. the robots job is to clean the a certain frame and then dispens a foam on it so that when it goes through a furnance it hardens and works as a seal...i just found about roboDK about a month ago and let me tell you that i fell in love with it, im still learning about it and most of the answers to my questions were found on the internet and the official roboDK api site... but i have been looking for function that you can give 3 targets and it will blend the path between them, ive stumbled upon rounding option but after 1 week of trying, i still couldnt get it to work...if you need some photos to see what my goal is im happy to send it.
The rounding option in RoboDK will output the correct blending radius. You can find more information here:

Make sure to use the default post processor called Universal Robots.

On the other hand, RoboDK automatically reduces the blending radius for UR robots for each movement to be less than half the length of the movement. This is a filter that prevented controller error messages for older UR robot controllers.

You can remove this filter by editing the variable BLENDING_CHECK of the Universal Robots post processor:
  1. Select Program-Add/edit Post Processor
  2. Select Universal Robots (this will edit the file C:/RoboDK/Posts/
  3. Set BLENDING_CHECK to False instead of True
By the way, thank you for your feedback!

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