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I have a workstation containing many (100+) reference frames and other objects with many levels of parent/child hierarchy.

To better manage the display of that many items in the item tree, it would be useful to have a button that allows all parent items to be closed or opened at once. I would like to be able to right-click an item to collapse or expand all children of that item.


> item_b
> item_c
    > item_d
        > item_g
        > item_h
    > item_e
    > item_f
> item_j

After right-clicking item_a and clicking collapse all, it becomes:

> item_j

Example button from Solidworks is attached.

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Take a look at the View Utilities Add-in. It will add a "Tree Collapse" option when you right-click an item.
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Perfect, thanks Sam!

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