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Can MacBook users control kuka in real time using robodk

I am a macbook user, and I have downloaded robodk from mac and am using it. Currently, I want to link robodk with real kuka KR70 R2100 model.
If I move the real KUKA robot with the controller, I want to make Robodk's KUKA robot move the same in real time, and if I move Robodk's KUKA robot, I want to make the real robot move the same.
What I'm curious about here is that the first thing I know is to use the driver that currently communicates with the KUKA robot in robodk, but can I move the actual KUKA robot only by creating a program profile and simulating it in robodk? I want to change the joints of the KUKA model in robodk to make it move.
Second, if I move the real kuka with a smart pendant, I would like to know if the movement is reflected in robodk.
Thank you for your answer.
Yes, you should be able to use the KUKA driver on Mac. You may need to use the apikuka driver (legacy version) instead of the KUKA bridge version (newer). You can find more information here:

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