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Can RoboDK simulate the internal changes of an object?

Hallo, I would like to ask a question about the functionality of the software.

Here is an example:

A robot cell in the simulation contains a laser working head with a fiber optic system that acts as a tool.
Naturally, as the laser head moves, the fiber connected to it also moves together. However, the tube of the fiber itself is deformed too, for example, the bending radius changes and twists.

Question is, can RoboDK realize the process of simulating such an object's own deformation?

Best regards!

Hi Van,

It is not possible to do so in a user friendly way unless you model the tube as a mechanism. This link shows how you can create your mechanisms:

Alternatively, you can fully customize the deformation of the tube by using our RoboDK API or the plugin interface. More information here:


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