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Can't generate robot program - NameError path_posts is not defined
When trying to generate a robot program from my RoboDK program, I get an error from python:
[Image: Cgnqp5l.png]
This happens while using "Generate robot program", "Generate robot program as.." and "Send program to robot".
I am using RoboDK 5.0.0
To fix this problem, i have tried to:
-Reinstall RoboDK,
-Reinstall python,
-Upgrade python to 3.8 (3.7 was installed previously)

Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong, or how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Joost,

Thank you for letting us know. The Omron post processor should work and it should give you the same result with your version.

In any case, we just fixed this issue with the latest version of RoboDK updated yesterday.


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