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Change default RDK path for robolink

Hi, running Ubuntu 20, I understand that when we call Robolink() it will attempt to launch RDK if it is not already running. I have installed RDK in /bin/RoboDK but robolink tries looking in /home/myuser/RoboDK/bin/RoboDK which results in "No such file or directory".

How can I change the default RDK path at a system level, for all users so that robolink launches RDK from /bin/RoboDK?

EDIT: Just realized I should have posted this in the RDK API forum. Please move it if possible.
By default, Robolink will use "~/RoboDK/bin/RoboDK" on Linux.
You will have to initiate the API using Robolink(robodk_path= "/home/myuser/RoboDK/bin/RoboDK") as we do not have an environment variable you can change externally.
Alternatively, you can edit the path return in by getPathRoboDK.
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So I would need to hardcode the correct path in
Great! Thank you.

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