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Collision checking in 3D printing

Dear Community,

I'm new user of robodk. I'm trying to use RoboDK for 3D printing and I'm looking to know whether we can check the collision between the Extruder and material deposition. 

I wonder how the collision detection works in 3D printing. 
Does robodk enable to detect the collision with path generated by slicing? 
Does robodk enable to check the collision with deposited material?

Best regards,
Hi David,

You'll find some information about collision checking in RoboDK here:

You should be able to import G-code in RoboDK. This code is usually generated from slicer software for 3D printing. RoboDK can validate the collisions for your path (checking against the tool, the robot and 3D models). On the other hand, RoboDK can't validate collisions with the deposited material.

Hi Albert.

Thanks alot for your answer.


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