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Collision detection for machining projects
With machining projects running “Check paths and collisions” is slow and the speed is not adjustable. When simulating the machine program settings, collisions are checked and the speed of the simulation can be adjusted. My question is the following: if I simulate the machine projects with fast time ratio is the collision checking the same as with slow time ratio. In other words does speeding up the simulation affect the collision checking maximum path step for collision checking.
If you check for collisions when running a simulation, speeding up the simulation will skip points that should be checked for collisions.

You can adjust the tolerance for checking collisions (step in mm and deg) in Toos-Options-Motion tab. RoboDK uses 4 mm and 5 deg as default steps.

I recommend you to simplify geometries as much as possible to make collision checking faster.

You can find more tips to speed up collision checking here:

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