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Communication with KUKA robot not working


I have a problem while using my Kuka KR16 R2010 robot with KR C4 controller and RoboDK. I set up communication on the controller using However, when I connect to the robot through RoboDK, I can only successfully read its position. When I try to move the robot (click and drag, then "Move joints" button) nothing happens. I just get the message "Working".

I noticed that, upon restarting the controller, I receive the message "RoboDKsynch - 70 compilation errors". When I checked what caused it, it turned out that some variables were not declared. I used the following package:

I don't know what else to do. It also tried changing the mode from T1 to AUT and EXT and nothing happens. Except, EXT mode gives me the error that MOVE_ENABLE flag is not set (something like that), while AUT mode gives me the message "All active commands inhibited" when I press the play button. 

Does anyone have any idea what to do? I am stuck.

Thank you in advance!
Hi dsitnik,

If some variables are not declared, make sure that the modification you properly modified the $config file and that the modifications were saved correctly.
If you do not have the administrator rights when you modify the $config file, it will be automatically reset to its original value.

Have a great day.

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