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Connecting RoboDK with Fanuc Roboguide simulator

I want to set up the communication between RoboDK and Fanuc's robot simulation (Roboguide). I went through all the steps in the documentation, but I cannot make the program DRIVERRDK_S3 run. On the Robodk platform side, I can ping my simulator, but I cannot connect.

Has anyone tried that before?
You probably need to activate User Socket Messaging option and PC Interface. If you still have issues, please send us a print-screen of the teach pendant after you attempt to run the DRIVERRDK_S3.
All the options are set up. I tried 3 different methods to run the program and nothing happens, the teach pendant freezes for a minute or two and then everything comes back to normal, but I wasn't able to connect with RoboDK.
What Fanuc controller are you using?
Can you provide a picture or video of the teach pendant when you try to run the program?
What setting do you have as Driver path? (in Connect-Connect to robot-More options)
Can you provide the RDK project?
I cannot take a video of the teach pendant, because nothing actually happens except that Roboguide freezes. Here is the connect configuration and my project. Thanks

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.rdk   New Station (1).rdk (Size: 14.27 MB / Downloads: 495)
The USB device can recognize DRIVERRDK_S3.PC, but when uploading it to the teach pendant, no upload error or failure is raised, but the program cannot be found in the teach pendant.
Hi Ioaferhit,

I hope you are well.
Did you follow the steps here:

What version of the controller are you using?


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