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Connecting to Motoman NX100 controller

Hello all,

I am trying to connect to a Motoman ES165N robot with an NX100 controller using the MotomanHSE driver. I am getting nothing but errors. I have tried tech support but they have been unresponsive. As I am new to the software and on a project that has a quick time line, any help would be great.

Did you set the robot switch on the teach pendant to Remote mode?

Make sure to properly setup your local network. I would also disable the Windows firewall for troubleshooting. More tips here:
Yes, teach pendant is in remote and firewalls are all disabled. Network is fine, I am able to ping controller and get reply.
I've been trying to connect RoboDK to NX100 via MotomanHSE driver also, it appears that this controller doesn't support the HSE protocol. According to the NX100 manual remote control is only available via a clumsy telnet like interface for some strange reason listening on port TCP/80?? One would assume this is HTTP, but it's not.

Has anyone managed to get the HSE driver to connect to an NX100? I suspect anyone using RoboDK with NX100 will be via the MotoCOM product.

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