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Connection To Leica : python errorImport Error: No module named 'clr'


When I try to connect to leica I have the following message in log:

Unexpected error: Traceback (most recent call last):
Unexpected error: File "C:/RoboDK/api/Leica/", line 694, in <module>
Unexpected error: import clr
Unexpected error: ImportError: No module named 'clr'

I tried to uninstall robodk and Python and reinstalled it. This seems a problem with installation? 
Thanks for the help
Problem solved :

It seems that when 'Install-Pythonnet.bat' was called by roboDK installer the path to python.exe was wrong.  In the command prompt (cmd.exe) I ran 'python.exe -m pip install pythonnet' from directory RoboDK\Python37 .
Perfect! Thank you for reporting this issue.

We'll update RoboDK to provide a better error message to point in the right direction.

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