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Connection fail with the Techman Robot

Dear sir,

I'm trying to use RoboDK to connect TM robot with my laptop and control the robot directly in real time.
I follow the step below:
1. Select Connect➔Connect robot
2. Enter the robot IP
3. Enter the port 5890
4. Right click your program
5. Select Generate robot program F6.

But I still can connect the robot even I turn off all the firewalls.
I also open the cmd to ping the robot by my laptop, and the connection is no problem.
am I lost something?
The TMflow version I use is 1.82.5100.
Can you do this instead?

Follow these steps to connect to the robot from RoboDK:

1.Right click the robot in RoboDK

2.Select: Connect to robot

3.Enter the IP of the robot and the port number

4.Select Connect.

There should be a green message displaying Ready if the connection succeeded. More on the link here:

Let me know if you still face issues.
I already try the step you mention, but it still doesn't work.
I also refer to the video which is release on your youtube channel.

But I found a few different points:
1. I do not have a command button

2. My has a different storage size than the video, Mine is 2kb, Video's is 41kb.

The attached video is my operation, please check if there has some mistakes.


Attached Files
.mp4   652327589.858072.mp4 (Size: 21.48 MB / Downloads: 312)
I test with my colleague's computer, it works. I think it may be relative to python because I try to generate the path before, and I select the "Run script" function in the tools option to optimize the path. but it doesn't work.

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