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Controlling external servo motors with RoboDK

Hi, we have one project where we have no robot but instead we have connected 8 servo motors to KUKA KRC4 cabinet and we are trying to control those with KUKA SmartPad. I found some threads about controlling external axis in forum and I was wondering if we could use RoboDK in this project.

If I understood right this can be done by modifying post processor but I´m not familiar with Python. Is there some other way to do that? Maybe I can create a rotating axis, add 8 of those in station and control them as individual external axis?
Maybe, but I have to say that you are on your own on this one (it's clearly out of the standard usage of RoboDK we support) and I can't guarantee any result.
And it would definitely require a good amount of Python coding, and not just for the post-processor.

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Okay, thanks for replying. Maybe we will stick with traditional programming then.

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