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Coordinate two robots


I work on a project with two robots. Each one has a half of the part and make various independant operations before joining them.
I need to have the two robots working together to assemble the part through a laser to weld the pieces together.

The robots are Fanuc LRMate 200iD/7L and I am thinking of using the DualArm option that exists in Roboguide but since I am using RoboDK to create the programs thanks to the curve following projects I would like to know if something similar existed in RoboDK.

Hi Camille,

Just to make sure that I understand well.
When you say: "Each one has a half of the part" Do you mean that the robot is holding half of the part?
And if so, you want both robots to hold the part(s) and move synchronously to do the weld?

Hi Jeremy,

Yes, each robot is holding one half of the part and I want them to weld the two halves to make one part.

Just found this example :, I don't know how I missed it before !

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