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Create Program Call Instruction In Matlab


I want to automatically generate a program with the Matlab Api for RoboDK. The program shall contain some movements and program calls as shown in the picture. I already managed to create the movement commands with Matlab but I'm struggling with the program calls marked in red.
I saw that the command RunInstruction might be helpful but I think its only part of the Python Api and not usable for Matlab. 
Is there a way to achieve this?

You can use the RunInstruction command on your program Item with Mathlab:

Are you encountering issues with this function call on Matlab?
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Hi Sam,

it seems that the files Robolink.m and RobolinkItem.m which are installed at our institute were missing some lines including the RunInstruction section.
I first updated the version of RoboDK to 5.5.2-1 but the lines were still missing. I don't know if that is a mistake of our IT or that this version of RoboDK comes without the updated Matlab files.
I then fixed the files by just copying the code of the Github files you send me. The RunInstruction command works fine now.
Thank you :)

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