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Creating Smooth Paths?
Is there a way to create smooth paths in online programming? In examples, I've seen paths are done by interpolating many points between two targets, but when run in online programming the delay between these points causes non-smooth movement as there is a pause at each point. Is there any program instruction to rectify this?
There is a rounding option in rdk.

It might help more if you explain your application, and robot systems you are using

This seems like a rounding issue. Without the use of rounding instruction, robot stops at each target point. Try changing that and see if you get a different result.
Let us know if you get stuck.

Checkout the setRounding instruction documentation here:

I connected RoboDK V5.2.4 to Meca500 R3 v8.1.9, I have the same issue described earlier. I am using the curve follow project when the robot holds the object, I increased the SerRounding to 20 but the robot keeps stopping at each position. I wouldn't put 20mm in the real path to not loose accuracy, I would put around 1mm just to not stop the robot, but actually the robot keeps stopping.

Do you have any suggestion about the situation ?

Best regards
If you use the live connection with the robot, you can't have fluid motion.
This is caused by a mandatory handshake between RoboDK and the robot at the end of each move.

To reach fluid motion, you need to generate the program and load it on the controller.

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