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Curve Follow Project + Axis Optimisation + Linear Track Optimisation

Hello guys,

is there any good tutorial regarding CFM and Axis Optimisation?

I have a case that, whatever Preset from axis optimisation I use, the robot makes always the same thing:

Starts and ends are in the attachment

Because of the application I use, it is not good to change orientation.

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,

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You can find some information about how to deal with external axes here:

If you can share the RDK project and describe what you are trying to do we can help you better.
OK, thanks!
Ok, so here is my cell.

I have a curve "Test1 Filtered New New New New" and 1 CFP.

I am doing painting so I dont want the gun to rotate around TCP Z axis. IMHO, that should mean for CFP: Minimum tool orientation change and "Allow a tool Z rotation" = 0.

However, if I dont let him allow at least 10 Degs to rotate, he wont be able to successfully calculate the path. I wouldnt be a big issue but I see on the path that is going from up to down that the gun is rotated around 50Degs from the pose I wanted him.

Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much!
Kind regards,

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.rdk   New Station (7_13)forRDK.rdk (Size: 22.71 MB / Downloads: 194)
Can you please take a look at the cell?

I have looked into your station.
The Fanuc P250i has non-standard kinematics.
You can limit the maximum allowable range of rotation around Z:

Hello Sergei,

thank you for your reply.

The solution you suggested is unfortunately not working. As you can see in the attached 2 photos, the X arrow from the TCP is not following the path. Any suggestions on this issue?

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OK, if I understand correctly - you want to align the tool in the corners of this zig-zag path.
Please, try the following settings:


In addition, as the rail limit affects the robot's posture at the end of the track, additional points need to be added to the last part of the path:


If you want strictly follow the path with TCP - I'm not sure that it's possible for this station.

I attached a modified station.

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.rdk   New Station (7_13)forRDK_md.rdk (Size: 22.81 MB / Downloads: 162)

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