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Curve Follow Project - Useful Features

After using the curve follow project for a while, I have a few suggestions.  For context, refer to this thread: Tool-Z-rotation-along-a-curve

For this thread, it may be helpful for RoboDK to clearly define the terms: "curve", "segment", "path", particularly in the context of an imported STEP file's linear and circular edges, the Curve Follow Project, and robot programs.

Some Useful Features:

  1. Z-Axis Rotation During Path: Ability to start path at one RotZ value and end path at another RotZ value.
  2. Sphere Size and Orientation Arrow Attributes:  Control curve's sphere size and direction arrows independently from reference frame triads to make them visible, especially when working with small geometry (~1mm radius curves).
  3. List of Curves:  View list of currently defined curves (maybe from the tree?).  Set attributes like visibility, size, etc.
  4. Name Curves: allow user to rename curves with descriptive names.
  5. Relate Object Geometry to Curve: Ability to see which geometry elements (edges/surfaces from an imported STEP file) are being used to create a curve; edit the list of curve segments to delete, re-order, etc.
  6. Curve Follow Project Naming:  Ability to name a curve follow project from inside the utility's dialog box (see related bug report: Curve-Follow-Project-rename-allows-spaces-breaking-UR-script
  7. Path Setting to Path Program Link: Notify user or allow a setting to control when a curve follow project will overwrite an existing Path program vs. generate a new Path program.  
Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. 

In RoboDK, when you load a 3D model, curves or segments are the same. Some tolerances are used to automatically extract curves from surfaces or when you split a curve. Having a curve in your STEP or IGES file will load it as is without splitting it. In RoboDK, a curve is just a list points that you can use with the curve follow project.

Following up on some of your suggestions:

2. Sphere and normals size:
I just replied to your post here:

3-5. List of curves, Name of curves and geometry:
It is possible to extract curves from an object by right clicking and select Split Object. You'll then see the list of curves and points. See attached image. You can rename or delete the curves there. You could group them in separate objects. You can also right click a curve or point inside an object and relect rename (this has been just added with the latest version released today).

6. Curve project naming:
This is a good suggestion. For now we solved the program naming issue with UR that you found in your other thread.

7. Curve follow project linked to program:
You can choose to always override the program by selecting this option:
  1. Tools-Options-CAM
  2. Uncheck Never override edited program generated from CAM projects


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