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Graphics Scaling: Curve unit vector and path direction arrows

When selecting curves, the direction arrows and the new path unit vectors and spheres have drastically different size scales, making it impossible to see what is being selected.  Need to be able to see the white arrows and the green arrows at the same time, as well as highlighted line segments.

Using + and - key shows issue.  

At this scale, the green path direction arrows are easy to see,  but the blue curve points and white unit vectors are too small to see.

At this scale, the white unit vectors are just visible from the blue curve points, but the green path arrows are so large that they obscure the view of the line segments being selected.

Example STEP file showing geometric surface attached.

Refer to thread Tool-Z-rotation-along-a-curve for RDK station file.

Attached Files
.step   BEAD_SURF_HEDGEHOG_C_2.STEP (Size: 83.2 KB / Downloads: 503)
Hi Chris,

You should be able to change the default sizes of the coordinate systems and arrows using the following settins from the menu Tools-Options:
  1. General tab->Object/Tool, Target and Path reference size to set the size of coordinate systems
  2. Display tab->Arrow size corresponds to the green arrows
  3. Display tab->Normal size corresponds to the size of the white/gray normals. This is also the radius of the spheres when you select Tools-Modify curve
Selecting the +/- key will increase or decrease the size by about 20% each time you select a key.


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