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Curve Follow Project: What does "oparation speed" actually effect?


I am wondering what does the parameter "operation speed" inside the Curve Follow Project do?

I thougth it would specify the speed along the given curve. But in my experiments and looking at the created program it just sets the robot speed.

Is there something I am missing? A checkbox for example?

I need to generate a program, where the speed along the curve is constant.

It is important to note that I am using the "Robot holds object and follows path" algorithm. The object/tool more or less rotates around its z-axis. Which means that the TCP is not moving a lot, as seen from the base system.

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Hi MarkusL,

Operation Speed will set the speed of the robot along the path.
The fact that this speed is constant or not solely depends on the robot controller.
Some robot controllers will require you to add a specific command or option to the normal "motion commands" so that the TCP velocity stays constant along the path.
What robot controller are you using? Do you know if it supports constant TCP velocity? And if so, what do you usually need to add for it to work?

Hi Jeremy,
thank you for your answer.

I am using the Kuka KRC4. And I am pretty sure it supports constant TCP velocity.
I have never done such a project before so I don't know what is needed for it to work.

Using the post processor for KRC4 RoboDK generates the following program:
$APO.CPTP = 1.000
$APO.CDIS = 1.000
$BASE = {X 340.000,Y 294.000,Z 589.000,A 180.000,B 0.000,C 180.000}
$TOOL = {X 61.036,Y 0.000,Z 155.086,A 0.000,B 30.000,C 0.000}
; Show Z01200-Greifer+ellipitisch_2020-07-13_Aufloesung005
PTP {A1 -10.69280,A2 -75.34890,A3 76.56530,A4 120.25200,A5 -80.24410,A6 -274.51100} C_PTP
LIN {X 0.111,Y 0.000,Z 30.162,A -179.999,B 89.789,C 90.001} C_DIS
$VEL.CP = 0.04000
LIN {X 0.512,Y 0.000,Z 30.167,A -0.000,B 89.072,C -90.000} C_DIS
LIN {X 0.911,Y 0.000,Z 30.186,A 0.000,B 87.933,C -90.000} C_DIS
LIN {X 1.911,Y 0.000,Z 30.186,A 0.000,B 87.933,C -90.000} C_DIS
First, you need to look into the KRC4 programming manual and find out how you can keep a constant TCP velocity.
There should be a section regarding that topic.

Just post your findings here and we can see how it can be integrated to the post-processor.


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