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Curve Follow Project with Joint Acceleration Maximums

Hello RoboDK,

Two questions:

1) I have read in other threads that a sought after feature is to be able to set joint specific speeds and accelerations. Has this feature begun development and, if so, is there an ETA on when it will be available?

2) I have been running some tests in RoboDK in which I set the joint speed and acceleration for a robot in its parameters and then generate a curve follow project. What I find is that the max joint speed and acceleration are ignored but I would be looking to make sure that these are taken into consideration as there are some situations where a path would go through a tight corner which is not possible if the robot attempts to maintain its speed. In these cases, is there anything in RoboDK that would flag a generated program as failed based on maximum joint speed or acceleration?
It is not possible to specify joint specific speeds or accelerations. On the other hand, you can output custom code that will be post processed as is so it will have your desired effect on the controller. However, this is not used for simulation purposes.

RoboDK applies linear speeds and acceleration constrains for linear movements and joint speeds and acceleration constrains for joint movements. More information here:

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