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Curve and Linear tool paths. Rhino/Grasshopper
Hello @Albert @Olivier

I tried sending the robot the code and got a python error.  Is there a tutorial on how to set up the FTP server? I haven't used that before.

Best, Austen

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Hi Austen,

The point in the middle of the line probably comes from your curve in Rhino.

What Denso controller do you have? Most modern robot controllers have a default user name and password you can use to connect via FTP.

Hello @Albert

I will see if there are midpoints turned on in rhino. There shouldn't be, but I will double check. 

I have an RC8 controller. 

Hello @Oliver @Albert 

I have figured out most of my issues with programming and moving and had a few successful prints.  I am now trying to program a part that has ~200 curves and I am running into the screen using a "clipping plane" and cutting off parts of my setup. I have my setting set up for best performance under the display.  I have a 24 core processor and an RTX 3080 TI graphics card, I should not be limited on my computer side. Do you have any suggestions?  I have tried turning off my extruder, table, and robot to see if trying to process would be easier and it hasn't helped.  


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.rdk   Denso Station Slip joint test.rdk (Size: 17.93 MB / Downloads: 71)

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