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Custom conveyor's appearance


Can I customize the conveyor to have practical length and width respect to my robot? I can't seem to change the appearance of the ones in the library.

Better yet, can i actually use conveyor from our Cad model?

Thank you,

Yen Le
Hi Yen,

Yes, you can load your 3D models in RoboDK (such as STEP, IGES or STL files). You can also create mechanisms such as a linear axis. More information here:

Hi Albert,

I try to modify the mechanical conveyor, but that only modified its property, its appearance stay the same. Can you check that please?

Thank you,

Hi Yen,

In RoboDK a conveyor is pretty much just a linear rail.
You can use any 3D model to create a linear rail and attached item to it so that is moves like a conveyor.

For more details, take a look at this webinar:

Have a great day.
Thanks for the video, Jeremy. I understand what it meant to create a linear rail axis now!


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