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Customize robot models

Dear All
I am evaluating to purchase a EDUCATIONAL 2-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION  license
Can I import a custom robot? if yes how?
Can I edit a listed robot?
You can follow this guide:
You should be able to create your own robots with both the educational and professional versions. You should also be able to test this feature with the free version.

It is not possible to edit existing robots from our library but we can help you create your own models. However, you can add geometries to existing robot links by using the Add Object to Robot script. You can follow these steps to do so:
  1. Load the robot you would like to modify
  2. Load the object you would like to add
  3. Place the object in the location you want to add it (it does not matter what reference it is in).
  4. Select Tools-Run Script
  5. Select Add_Object_To_Robot
  6. Select the object (if prompted)
  7. Enter the robot link to attach your object to (index 0 is the base, index 3 would be the upper arm, index 6 would be the robot flange for a 6-axis robot)
You can then save your robot as a .robot file by right clicking on the robot.

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