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Error code, INTP-265 (GO_MJ, 2)

I have the Fanuc M10iA robot with R30iB controller. After I uploaded the roboDK drivers up to the controller and setup the parameters through the teach pendent. I have the warning shown below:
INTP-106 (GO_MJ, 2) Continue request failed " MCTL-003 system is in error status"               
INTP-265 (GO_MJ, 2) Invalid value for speed value "STOP,L"

I double check and make sure  the register R[10] value is set to 50. I would like to know if there are other factors to cause this error.

Also, when I push the get position, the Fanuc M10iA model in roboDK did not show the same configuration/joint angles (Actually it is off at one joint angle). Does anyone can provide some suggestions that I can trouble shoot this issues as well?

Thank you in advance
The speed is defined using registers 50 and 51. Therefore, you should make sure that registers 50 and 51 are greater than zero.

Register 50 is used for joint speeds as a percentage and Register 51 is used for linear movements in mm/s.

For example, I recommend you to set the following:
R[50] = 20
R[51] = 100

These registers are changed by RoboDK if you run a program using the Run on Robot option and you use a set speed instruction.
Thank you for the help. I actually set up R[50] and R[53] in the controller to make the robot move. Thank you again to point out the direction.

The remaining question is that I checked the joint angle values between roboDK and teach pendant. They are identical. However, the virtual robot in roboDK did not show the same configuration with the actual Fanuc M10iA. I believe I just did the master calibration to the Fanuc robot a while ago. So I think the joint angle values is correct. This leads me to suspect that should I "calibration" the robot joint angle with certain process that the virtual robot can be synchronized its joint configuration with Fanuc M10iA?

Thank you
Can you provide more information?
For example, a print screen of the robot teach pendant showing the joint values and the Cartesian values.

Make sure that you properly selected your robot in RoboDK. 
Also, make sure that if you are using any tool (UTOOL) or reference frame (UFRAME) you also enter them in the robot panel. More information here:

Another detail: make sure that your robot controller settings properly match your robot arm. Sometimes used robots do not come with the controller properly configured with their corresponding arm.

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