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Error on Example-07.d-Drawing with a robot

Hi, I was working on one of the example which is located at C:/RoboDK/Library/Example-07.d-Drawing with a robot

When I run the python Script on Example-07.d-Drawing with a robot it shows this error. Can you tell me how to fix this error?

Also I'm using python 3.11.5 version. Does the python version will cause this error?

I attached images that you can see what kind of error occurs when I run it.

Thank you in advance

Best Regards,
Sungjae Park

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I recommend you to use this example from our library which does not provoke any issues with recent versions of Python:

The one you used is a bit older which was working with Python 3.7. We'll fix this example anyway so it does provoke a crash with never versions of Python.
Thank you for your assistance. Your feedback is working correctly.

Thank you again.

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