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Error while running the generated program

Hello folks,

I am currently using the Kinova post processor to generate code for the robot from the program in RoboDK. The program generates fine, without any issues (a python file).

However, when I run the program, I get this error:-
Connecting to robot
Using TCP connection
Logging as admin on device
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:/Users/ssonawan/OneDrive - MathWorks/Desktop/", line 399, in <module>
    KinovaGen3.connect('', 12345)
  File "c:/Users/ssonawan/OneDrive - MathWorks/Desktop/", line 112, in connect
    self.base = BaseClient(self.router)
  File "C:\RoboDK\Python\kortex_api\autogen\client_stubs\", line 171, in __init__
    self.router.registerNotificationCallback(self.serviceId, callback)
AttributeError: 'DeviceConnection' object has no attribute 'registerNotificationCallback'
Failed to properly disconnect

I can confirm that the robot IP and username and password are correct. I am also able to connect to the robot through RoboDK (Using Connect ->Connect Robot).

I wonder if this issue is due to some library being outdated, but I am not sure. The python version I am using is 3.7.3. I have also attached the generated code,, to provide more insights.

Please let me know if you need more information from my side.Look forward to hearing from you

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.py (Size: 15.97 KB / Downloads: 234)
Hello team,I would really appreciate any response on this. Thanks
We are improving the post processor for Kinova robots with the latest version of RoboDK. You can download it here:

Let us know if you still have any issues.
Thank you, Albert. The latest version of RoboDK solved that issue. But there are still a few issues (undeclared variables, negative angles support) that prevent the generated code from running as is. I am able to get past those issue by editing the generated .py file.
But nonetheless, thank you for the continuous effort to improve the software
I quickly tested the post and it didn't throw any errors when running the file, kinova should support negative angles on the newer versions, could you send a sample station that creates a problematic file and if you have the time the generated code with the manual edits you had to do?

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