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Export Robot Machining project using the API


I have exported robot machining project from Fusion360 to RoboDK. Now I would like to run some additional tests regarding path feasibility in Matlab. I need to import robot joints / transformation matrices of the points on the machining path into Matlab. One way to do it, is to generate robot program with Robodk, input that script file into Matlab and write a code to extract the lines with joint positions. Is there any simpler way? Is it possible to get those values from the machining project in the Robodk in form of Targets? Those targets could then be directly sent to Matlab via API.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.
The machining project only has a point with a ijk vector. There are no joint values or poses (targets) before you generate the program.

Once you have the program in simulation, you can expand the program to see the movements. You can right-click on the movements to create the explicit targets on RoboDK.

You can also use the API to get each instruction on the program and get the pose for the implicit target for every move instruction:
I overlooked the "Show instructions" command, which will solve a lot of things. Thank you for your answer.
Great, thank you for your feedback.

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