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Exporting Simulation to Blender

We're interested in exporting our RoboDK simulations into Blender to create different renders of our robots in action. At the moment, we can easily export .obj files of individual objects within RoboDK and import them in Blender, however, we would like to export an entire animation of a simulation from RoboDK that is compatible with Blender's import formats. Is this currently possible, and if not, can this be added? We would love to add renders of RoboDK's accurate simulations of our robots to our website and promotional material.

Thank you,
Hi Varun,

This is currently possible with RoboDK!
We can export the entire simulation to Blender, including object colors and animation key frames.

You can contact us at to add the export option to your licence.
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Hi Sam,

That's great to hear! I'll go ahead and reach out to add this option to our license.


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