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Fanuc Program Memory issue ( driver install for fanuc robot )

I don't have enough memory on a FANUC 120iC robot and was thinking would this option be able to run larger programs as it wouldn't be limited to the memory on the controller? 

Right now, I have to break programing into multiple files for 3D printing before uploading them into the controller with the upload option.  


You can use the Fanuc Dripfeed postprocessor

This will Generate a drip feeder program that will split long programs in subprograms and load them to the controller as they are executed

The dripfeed post-processor will create a Python file, most likely in "C:\Users\xxx\Documents\RoboDK".
You can then run this .py file to start the dripfeed.

Prior to generating the program, you also need to properly set the controller IP address in RoboDK.
1. Right-click a robot
2. Select "Connect to robot…"
3. Enter the IP of the robot

You also need to make sure the FTP server is properly set on the controller side:

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