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Fanuc R30iB LS Program Generated Not Loading to Robot

I am having trouble loading the attached LS file into our Fanuc R30iB robot. I have tried generating a simple program both with the R30i and R3J post processors but the robot will not load it. 

The robot gives the following system alarms after it says that it is unable to load the file:

1. TPIF-218 UT1: \SPHERE.LS failed to load
2. ASBN-002 Error occurred during load
3. ASBN-008 file 'SPHERE'
4. ASBN-009 on line 57, column 2

Is this a syntax error or is there something I am missing? 


Attached Files
.txt   Sphere.txt (Size: 2.43 KB / Downloads: 22)
Do you have additional axes? Such as a turntable or a linear track. You may need to include them to generate the correct target information.

Can you provide your RDK file and an LS file generated by your robot controller with some movements?
I added the external axis turn table to the RoboDK project however, I now came across another issue which is when adding the turntable to the RoboDK project, it adds it as 'GRP 2'. Our robot is has the external axis configured in 'GRP 1' as E1 and E2. You can see the LS file that was generated by the robot (TESTPRG) and the LS file generated by RoboDK (SPHERE). to see the difference. Is there a way to configure the post processor to match the current format of the robot? 

Also, you were correct! It was the missing external axis that was generating the error. I took the RoboDK generated LS file and manually changed the position data to match the format of the robot's output and was able to get the program loaded to the robot!

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.txt   TESTPRG.txt (Size: 1.54 KB / Downloads: 23)
.txt   SPHERE.txt (Size: 3.13 KB / Downloads: 21)
Can you share your RoboDK project? Does it describe your real setup?

RoboDK automatically adds the E values of your external axes to the same motion group of your Cartesian target if you configure your axes with the robot mounted on it.

I assume you simply added a 2-axis turntable to your project. However, you should add a 2-axis T-bot or a 2-axis positionner with the robot mounted on it to see the proper Cartesian target output as you mentioned:
    UF : 1, UT : 1,        CONFIG : 'N U T, 0, 0, 0',
    X =  1132.979  mm,    Y =  -541.167  mm,    Z =   852.012  mm,
    W =   174.959 deg,    P =     4.055 deg,    R =   -17.179 deg,
    E1=     -.004 deg,    E2=  -156.497 deg
Yes, I had just added a Motoman MT1-500 turntable since that was the most similar to what we have here in terms of axis and configuration.

I have attached the current RoboDK project.

Attached Files
.rdk   Cell 2 -Sphere.rdk (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 40)
Thank you for letting us know. We'll be updating RoboDK this week so you can generate programs including the turntable as external axes instead of a separate motion group.
    # Set the turntable group (usually GP2 or GP3, set to None to not use a new group)

You should set the TURNTABLE_GROUP variable to None as shown above, so you can generate Fanuc LS programs as shown below.
    UF : 9, UT : 9,   
    J1=    -15.113 deg,    J2=    -5.760 deg,    J3=    -29.187 deg,
    J4=    -6.109 deg,    J5=    -62.413 deg,    J6=    108.020 deg,
    E1=     0.000  deg,    E2=     0.000  deg
    UF : 9, UT : 9,        CONFIG : 'N U T, 0, 0, 0',
    X =  -942.100  mm,    Y =   246.399  mm,    Z =   667.710  mm,
    W =   -56.836 deg,    P =   -83.820 deg,    R =  -100.511 deg,
    E1=     0.000  deg,    E2=     0.000  deg

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