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Fanuc Rj3ia TP vs LS


I've got an LS file out of robodk that I have successfully ran on an R30ia, but I have a bunch of RJ3ia's that I would like to utilize robodk for. My problem is that the Rj3ia's don't have an ASCII converter built in, so I need to export a TP (Binary) file instead and this is where I find myself stuck.
It says in the robodk tips that it requires winolpc tools to do so, except to my knowledge the winolpc tools only come with Fanuc roboguide, which is a Fanuc's very expensive offline programming software that I'm trying to use robodk for instead.

Does anyone know of an alternative route to a TP file here, or maybe someone can point me to the winolpc tools by themselves, without roboguide?

Thanks in advance! - Tom
Hi Tom,

If you don't have the ASCII Upload option on your Fanuc controller you won't be able to load LS program files directly. In this case you should use the MakeTP compiler from Fanuc Roboguide tools. RoboDK will automatically detect Roboguide WinOLPC if you installed it in the default folder and use it to compile the LS files to TP files. More information here:

The robot needs to be selected using the setrobot option. This will open a new window ("Robot neighborhood") and it will allow you to select a Fanuc robot you've previously setup in Roboguide. So, if you have not done so: you need to first open Roboguide and create a new cell with a robot matching the number of axis you are planning to use. For example, if you just have a 6-axis robot, you can just open your robot, save the project as a "Workcell" and close.

If you setup your robot properly (use setrobot) during the trial period I believe you should be able to compile programs after the trial. However, I recommend you to contact Fanuc if this is something that you are allowed to do on a general basis.

Thanks for the reply Albert.

I guess I was hoping to not have to purchase any roboguide tools. If I had roboguide, I wouldn't have quite the necessity for robodk.

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