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Frames are leaving traces and wont dissappear.

Essentially my problem has been explained in the title. I have this screenshot to further show my problems. The reference frames disappear if CtRL z instead of deleting them but that does not work with the traces left behind the end frame. Those come when I increase/decrease the angle of the location of the end effector. 

[Image: sogjbQ2.jpg]

Do I need to change some settings or this is a bug which can be solved by deleting and installing the program again? It is very hard to work with the traces as they can quickly block the view. Thanks. I am new to RoboDK maybe there is a setting I need to change?
You have the trace activated. You can desactivate following these steps:
  1. Tool-Trace-Active (uncheck)
  2. Tool-Trace-Reset

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